TS711/TS811 mods for RX/TX lines

In this picture the modification is shown that gives the TS711e for VHF as well as the TS811e that is in use for UHF the possibillity to use seperated TX and RX cabling. Seperated TX and RX cabling give large advantages in high-power amateur stations. In TX, there is no longer the need to use bypass relay's over the power-amplifier. The only relay that is needed is the switch relay in the PreAmp box mounted next to the antenna system.

The modification as done here is done in such a way the the normal operation is easy to re-store. A female-to-female SMA joint is the only additional hardware that is needed to acomplish this.

In the pictiure  a SMA-to-N part is installed for the additional RX-input. The standard N-connector at the rear of the shown tranceiver is the TS811e version and must be used for TX. The TS711e version uses standard a PL259 chassis part and serves the same function as named for the standard N-chassis part on the rear of the TS811e TX-out).