Some time ago I purchased an old Myford ML7 lathe. Its was in good condition to what I know of it, but it needed good cleaning. I also decided to repaint the lathe. This was little more effort, but the results would be great.

The lathe was first dis-asembled to have good access to all parts that needed cleaning and re-painting.
In this picture the gearbox is ready to be taken apart.

The lathe I purchased came with a lot of tools. Some of these tools are not usable anymore, but to me it makes a nice picture to place all the stuff on a table and have a look at it...

This picture shows the partially finished result. The protective covers of the belt-drives are cleaned, but not yet re-painted.

Here, the Myford ML7 is ready for first tests. My son Robin, 6 years at the time this picture was taken, helped me to judge the re-build process.

In future, the original motor will be replaced by a 3phase  unit. This than will give the possibillity to connect a frequency-converter to it. This than gives a much broader range of speeds compared to the 3 choises I have now with selecting the belt-settings.