Moonbounce (144MHz)

At this moment (August 2008) I am started on building a 4 yagi 144MHz EME array. This will be made of 4 times 2SA13 yagi's of which I have used one already sucessfully over the past year for tropo DX.

Please use the links to the lefthand side to have a detailed view on the different items that are needed to build a array for EME. In the 144MHz chapter you can also find other stuff that is needed such as the Power-Amplifier, Power-Supply and of coarse a decent PreAmp.

Here are the antenna's that should be in the array soon. You see 3 of the 4 yagi's. One of
the 4.03wl 13elements monsters is already up in the tower. The antenna in itself is described in the chapter 2SA13 antenna.