Under construction, please come back later...
This is my 6mtr. transverter. It consists of a homemade transverter. In/Out is at IF=144MHz. There is a small transistor PA build inside the box that amplifies the transverter 100mW to around 6W. This is enough to drive the 150W PA that is shown in another location at the lefthand side. Please use the links to view this project.
The transverter itself uses the same PCB design that is also used inside the 23cm transverter to convert 26MHz into 144MHz and back. By modifications of the crystal frequency and all relative resonance-circuits at its in-, and output this PCB can be used also in this design.
The housing for this transverter comes close to the wellknown Shubert housing, but was much cheaper to purchase. The front of the housing was spray-painted howeverin the same style as also the LT23s was done.
Altough the picture shown here is not exactly the 6mtr. transverter, it comes very close. The only thing that is changed compared to the 23cm version is the crystal-frequency and some capacitors to tune the coils at 50Mhz.