3cm Band

At the moment I have no transverter build yet. Besides SSB, also my thoughts go out to activate ATV (Amateur Television) again after quite some active periods in the past.

I have meanwhile a RW1127 TWT running, delivering over 20 Watt at 10.500GHz. This is not the maximum output but because of not enough drive power at the input during a VHF-conference, we could not test the limit of this TWT.

RWN322p modifications:
To have this output level of 20W+, we needed to modify the RWN322p PSU that came along with the TWT.
Ulli, a wellknown german HAM, helped me in the simple modification that only needed a solderbridge to eliminate the Helix trip-circuit.

Here I present some pictures of the ongoing project:


In this picture you see from left to right:

24V/12.5A DC Switched mode power supply
RWN322p Switched mode power supply

TWT RW1127 made by Siemens

Box that contains indication of Helix and Kathode current as well as switches for various functions like TWT enable, range selection for the two meters, reset switch for the RWN322p PSU and  LED that indicates an alarm.

Her e some more detail of the temporary (...) control box with various functions. This box is connected to the 15 pins D-connector at the RWN322p
Both meters are not exactly at '0' but this is because during photography, the box was vertical on the table. Calibration was done in horizontal position...